National Business Employment Weekly, December 11, 1983


Hmmm. Another cartoon of mine published without my signature. But it's easy to see how this one happened. NBEW just chopped off the bottom third of my drawing, signature and all.

Lion, April 1999

First, May 2, 2005


Oops, I see First dropped my signature on this one. Wonder how or why that happened?

King Features "Laff-A-Day", September 27, 1982


Yes, every humor book published back in 1982 had something to do with cats -- or so it seemed to me, anyway.

Insurance Sales, January 1989

The Wall Street Journal, August 17, 1993


Product bar codes were fairly new at this time. I think I may have had a caption, which was simply "Uh, oh." The cartoon appeared without any caption. The point of the gag was to reflect everybody's concerns about where bar codes would go in the future.

Union Communication, June 2006

Nutrition Health Review, Summer 1982

Nutrition Health Review, Fall 1982

Sun, March 11, 2003


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