Buy-Lines, June 8, 1987

The Wall Street Journal, June 4, 2002


(That might have been possible in 2002. Today, impossible -- absolutely everybody has a cell phone.)

Medical Economics, January 20, 1992

The Wall Street Journal, October 8, 1959

The Wall Street Journal, January 24, 1962


I guess his next car would have been a Yugo . . .

The Wall Street Journal, November 18, 1957


Another gag on the topic of those l-o-n-g cars they were producing in those days.

King Features "New Breed", August 25, 2001

The Wall Street Journal, December 2, 1957


This was 1957, when U.S. automakers were producing longer and even-longer cars, with those huge tail fins.

Medical Economics, February 21, 1983

Insurance Sales, July 1989


Insurance Sales magazine, and a sister publication in the insurance field, Rough Notes magazine, were relatively low-paying markets, but I could count on them to buy many of my business-related gags after they had been rejected by all the other publications. Both of them printed many cartoons of mine. Insurance Sales folded years ago, and I'm not sure if Rough Notes is still around.


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