Stock Market Magazine

Stock Market, March 1985


CAPTION: "To leveraged buyouts? What kind of a toast do you call that?"

Stock Market, May 1984

Stock Market, August 1983


I've seen this gag "covered" countless times, in various disguises, by other cartoonists. I really don't know if this 1983 version of mine was the first to appear, but at least it was one of the earliest.

Stock Market, June 1978


CAPTION: "My answer is a qualified yes."

Stock Market, February 1982


CAPTION: "And the beauty of it is, it's all tax-free!"

Stock Market, February 1985

Stock Market, November/December 1983

Stock Market, October 1983


CAPTION: "No, you're not being replaced by a computer, Hoskins . . . you're being replaced by an electric paper shredder."

Stock Market, May 1978


CAPTION: ". . . and the Board of Directors voted to wish you a speedy recovery -- 5 to 4, with two abstentions."

Stock Market, December 1980


CAPTION: "Our bellies are up 12 1/2 cents."

Stock Market was publishing quite a few of my cartoons at one time. In fact, for a while I even had a featured by-line, under the title "The Bottom Line". The magazine folded, and that was the end of that.


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