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Stock Market, March 1983

Stock Market, August 1982

Stock Market, March 1983

Stock Market, September, 1983

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Stock Market, February/March 1984

Stock Market, September 1978


This is one of the few times I ventured into the realm of "editorial/political" cartooning. I have no idea what our peanut farmer/President did to get my dander up, but it must have been something very dramatic . . . and confusing.

It seems to me that, with the publication of his most recent book, Mr. Carter is getting more publicity and press coverage than he received when he was in office.

Stock Market, February 1982

Stock Market, August 1978


The prices of both those commodities were soaring in 1978. Things haven't changed that much. I could re-do this cartoon right now, leave off "and coffee", and it would work very well.

Stock Market, December 1984


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