Florida Bar News

Florida Bar News, August 15, 1996

Florida Bar News, August 1, 1996


Another gag slanted to appeal to my "law" cartoon markets. This one was rejected many times, but was finally picked up by the Florida Bar News.

Florida Bar News, October 1, 1995


Another gag slanted for my various "law" markets. This one didn't get any takers until Florida Bar News decided to publish it.

Florida Bar News, April 1, 1998

Florida Bar News, January 15, 1998

Florida Bar News, January 15, 2002


Another one of my personal favorite gags -- rejected everywhere, but finally picked up by Florida Bar News.

Florida Bar News, July 1, 2000

Florida Bar News, June 1, 2000


This "Baby Boomer Judge" gag was another one of my personal favorites. I was so sorry it didn't get picked up by a major publication like The Wall Street Journal, The National Law Journal or even The New Yorker! I still think it's great.

Florida Bar News, April 30, 2000


I guess this gag really doesn't make too much sense, so maybe that's why all the major publications rejected it back then. I still like it, though, and there certainly have been plenty of "good cop, bad cop" gags published over the years -- it's still a hot topic for cartoonists.

Florida Bar News, January 1, 2001


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