Advertising, Direct Mail & Printing

National Business Employment Weekly, June 17, 1984

National Review (West), May 20, 1996


Don't you just love it when, at Olympics time, everything is touted as being "The Official (product category) of the (year) Olympic games"?

For some reason this was published only in the Western edition of National Review, and not in the full edition, as far as I know.

National Business Employment Weekly, August 14, 1983

Insurance Sales, September 1989

National Business Employment Weekly, November 22, 1991

The Chronicle of Higher Education, November 13, 1991

Florida Bar Journal, March 2001

Woodmen of the World, November 1984

Graphic Arts Monthly, November 1984


Chapter 11, of course, is the bankruptcy protection clause. This cartoon was drawn specifically with Graphic Arts Monthly in mind, so I made it a Printing Company.

The Wall Street Journal, November 5, 1990


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