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Graphic Arts Monthly, May 1986

Boardroom Lists, November 1985

Another award-winning advertisement from Boardroom. It appeared in several different trade magazines, and was targeted to the direct mail industry.

Graphic Arts Monthly, August 1984

Boardroom Lists, March 1985

"More lists" . . . ? Well, this would refer to more mailing lists, of course, since this is another Boardroom gag targeted for the direct mail industry.

Graphic Arts Monthly, August 1984

Boardroom Lists, 1984

Another gag targeted for the direct-mail-oriented audience of Boardroom Lists.

Boardroom Lists, 1984

Another gag targeted strictly for the Direct Mail industry. And another cartoon that I shared my by-line with Boardroom Lists editor Brian Kurtz, since he supplied the gag and the wording for the caption. I can just about imagine what "continuation usage" means in the industry, but don't ask me to explain it. 


Graphic Arts Monthly, August 1985

Boardroom Lists, March 1986

One of the ECHO Award-winning ads that I mentioned before. These ads appeared in many Direct Mail-oriented publications. The gag was slanted strictly to the Direct Mail trade, and absolutely wouldn't make sense to anyone else. The caption was carefully worked over (until it was perfect) by Brian Kurtz, the editor of Boardroom Lists. I assume Brian also wrote the advertising copy.

Graphic Arts Monthly, September 1984

I always loved the old TV sitcom, "I'm Dickens, He's Fenster" (from the 1960's, starring Marty Ingels and John Astin). So my use of the name Fenster in this caption was my little homage to the memory of that show.


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