Graphic Arts Monthly, March 1985


Okay, I don't want to get you in trouble with one of your markets here, but I have to complain about the layout of the caption. Isn't it incredible that a magazine titled "Graphic Arts Monthly" wouldn't simply place the first two letters of the word "paper" on the lower line (where there is plenty of room for it) instead of breaking it with a hyphen? What the hell?! I'd accept this from, say, "Field and Stream" or "Health Insurance News", but shouldn't a magazine about Graphic Arts pay some attention to graphic arts?

Yes, it bothered me, too, but obviously not as much as it bothered you. I can also assure you that you are not getting me into any trouble, since GAM long ago stopped using cartoons (maybe too many complaints about hyphenated words in the captions?). They printed about 20 of mine altogether, and I am NOT going to check out all those captions!

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