1000 Jokes, December 1959


1000 Jokes and its sister Dell publication, For Laughing Out Loud, were edited at various times by prolific and popular gag cartoonists Bill Yates and John Norment. Payment was very small, but it always left me with a feeling of satisfaction to be accepted by fellow cartoonists. Something akin to the feeling I would get now if I were accepted by cartoonist Bob Mankoff at The New Yorker, I guess.


I love the hand reaching through the door. Sharon

Know the feeling about selling to this market. John was a mentor of mine, and considering who many of the contributors were, it was a prestige market to an extent. Sam Bierman (Army Laughs, etc.) paid even less, but bought a lot of cartoons, and I considered it a bread and butter market.
Recognized your work immediately.

Hey, thanks for logging in, Arnold. As you know, I've linked to Cartoonology practically since I started this archive, and I appreciate your comments. Eli

I distincly remember buying the mag in Los Angeles in the 50's and dreamed of some day selling my work up there with the biggies. You gotta be careful what you concentrate on.

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