Winner of Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 148

                           "I can't wait to get out of here next week.

                          I really need to update my Myspace page!"

                                          (by Ronn Roxx)


My original caption: "Yes, for a while there, I was on the round-up-the-usual-suspects 'A' list."


Congratulations, Ronn Roxx, on this, your third victory! Once again, your Myspace page can announce to the world that you are one of the funniest people around.

These are the other caption submissions that I was seriously considering for top honors:

"This is the life. No rent, no bills, and free health care." (by Diane)

"Talk about your 'Small World', you worked for Trump, too?" (by Kay Ralph)

"I'm just here for the free haircuts." (by Richard Wolf)

"So, do you think it is too late to enter the Democratic primary?" (by Kelasher)

"Oh, it's just bank fraud, a few hundred million. It paid for my lawyers. I'll be out any day now." (by Jonathan Stein)

"I told the judge I was taking the fifth. Then I picked it up and made a run for it." (by Charles Vaughan)

"I'm in for contempt of court. I told the judge she looked fat in that robe." (by Mel Tanenbaum)

"It's mostly non-violent here, except for occasional pillow fights." (by Cary Antebi)


Thanks for your paricipation, captioneers. Look for the next Contest in a few short weeks.

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