Parts Pups, 1989


Employment? Well, I was a doctor, but all my patients died when Trump fixed Obamacare!

Okay, Tim, but I have to repeat what I've said many times before: this is NOT a Cartoon Caption Contest drawing. The next contest will start in a week and the heading will say "Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No ---".

Eli: I found Parts Pups in Al Gottlieb's paper version of Gag Recap and submitted some. I forgot the editor's name, do you remember it? I believe the editor was based out of Atlanta though....years later, he began asking me to colorize a few that he liked. I found it rather odd - because color wasn't his normal forte. Although once he took, he began using more. It was also cool to see this slick joke newsletter on the counter tops at different auto-parts supply stores like Napa Auto parts etc. Aside from the nefarious men's and girly magazines at the time, the publisher kept it rather "clean"....notice all the bodacious girls had bikinis instead of nothing at all.

Thanks, Dan. I answered you with an extensive email message, but just wanted to say here that the editor's name is Don Kite, and yes, Parts Pups came out of Atlanta, GA.


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