Winner of Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 98

                   "Do you mind if I put headphones on while you talk?"

                                                   (by Marc)


My original caption: "Which professions have very informal dress codes?"


Congratulations on your first win, Marc! You are now officially a member of that very elite group: one of the funniest people around.

Hmmmm -- I guess I still like my original caption, too. If anybody had sent it in, or anything like it, it probably would have won.

Anyway, here are the other entries that I was considering -- some of them even made me grin:

"I thought of becoming a teacher then I thought would I someday want to have to put up with someone like me." (by Al Grand). A poorly worded caption, Al -- with a little more effort and editing, this could've been a winner also.

"Don't let this get out, but . . . I want to become an accountant." (By Cary Antebi)

"Can I just text it to you?" (by Rich Wolf)

"So you really don't think Trump University is a good choice for me?" (by mel tanenbaum)

"Should I ask Rebecca or Rachel to the prom?" (by kelasher)

"So, you don't see the job market opening up any time soon for hoverboard instructors?" (also by Cary Antebi)


Good job -- thanks for all the entries! A new contest will be coming up before you know it (actually, in two weeks).

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