Winner of Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 93

                     "Why always a Bull & Bear? Why not a Dog & Cat?"

                                          (by Harvey Appelbaum)


My original caption: "Now please don't do anything with my money that will anger the Federal Reserve."


Congratulations, Harvey Appelbaum! It's been a long time between victories, but I'm happy to note that this is a second win for you. Once again you can legitimately proclaim that you are one of the funniest people around.

By the way, I still like my own original caption -- can't figure out why it never sold.

Anyway, here are the other submitted captions that almost made it:

"Beef futures are poised to skyrocket, potatoes are holding steady, the dessert market is at an all time high . . . now will you come home for dinner?" (by Bruce Morgenstern)

"I'd like to invest in that nice young man's new app-thingy company." (by John Platt)

"I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to invest with your company, Mr. Madoff." (by mel tannenbaum)

"With you it's always a Bull market. You haven't told me the truth once." (by Cary Antebi)

"You want me to buy Apple Stock? I'm not familiar with that ingredient. Is it a fruit, vegetable or mineral?" (by Barbara Germaine)

"Does your firm have a seven day refund policy?" (by Arnie)

"If I gave you my bills, could you make them disappear, too?" (by Brendan Powers)

Thanks, everybody. There'll be a new contest in two weeks or so.


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