Winner of Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 91


Uh-oh, it's another tie!


         "Next time you fight, don't pick on a girl who's on the wrestling team."

                                           (by Howard Garrett)

                "No, despite the name, the dress code is not only for girls."

                                                 (by Samuel)


My original caption: "We don't do Casual Friday here, Matthew."


You think it's easy being the sole judge of these contests? HA!! Once again, two captions stood out so far above the rest that I am forced to declare another tie. So congratulations Howard Garrett and Samuel -- you are co-winners! It's the sixth win for Howard Garrett and the very first try and the very first win for Samuel. No question about it, you are definitely two of the funniest people around.

Not surprisingly, there were lots of references to "Casual Friday" and "the dog ate your homework" in the captions. Just so you'll know, here are the other submissions that almost made the grade:

"'The dog ate my clothes' is no excuse for coming to school like this." (by Anne Noonan)

"Let me guess . . . your dog ate your homework along with your clothes!!" (by Judith Dsouza)

"Sorry, I will not let you participate in the school contest, 'Best Dressed Student'." (also by Howard Garrett)

"Let me guess, you got into a fight with the dog and he ate your homework." (by Maria Modica)

"Casual Friday is no excuse for not bringing your homework." (by Arnie)


A new contest will start in a couple of weeks -- be on the lookout for it.

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