Winner of Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 90

             "You're supposed to be waiting on us, not the other way around."

                                           (by Brendan Powers)


My original caption: "Waiter, are we on your 'To-Do' list?"


Congrats, Brendan Powers, you did it again (your second win)!  This solidifies your bragging rights -- you are officially and definitely one of the funniest people around.

Here are the other captions I was considering for top honors:

"We specifically asked for a waiter sans the Hitler mustache." (by kelasher)

"For your information, I have been ignored in MUCH snottier establishments!" (by Angela DeLuca)

"We are having an unhappy happy hour." (by Sharon)

"When can we expect the chef to return from his Costco run?" (by Mildred)

"I'd like a check please. At this point I'll eat anything!" (by Cary Antebi)

"I hate being ignored on an empty stomach." (also by Cary Antebi)


Good work, everybody. Now let's all go out to eat and vent this hostility on some poor, unsuspecting waiter!

Contest No. 91 will be coming up before you know it. Stay sharp!.

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