Cartoon Caption Contest Trivia

About five years ago, shortly after I started this Archive/Blog, I was contacted by the Editor of The Gayco Tablet, a newsletter dedicated to "improving the health of residents in long-term health care facilities". He asked for permission to use reprints of my cartoons in the newsletter.

I looked over the issue he sent me and found that it was chock full of helpful information on Alzheimer's, dementia and other eldercare quality-of-life issues. I decided that it was worthy of "pro bono" treatment and told the Editor that he could pick and choose any of my cartoons from the site and that there would be no fee involved.

The newsletter has been irregularly reprinting my cartoons since that time, and the Editors even created a panel called "AS NEEDED FOR LAUGHTER" to showcase the cartoons.

The latest issue of the newsletter arrived this week, and this was the panel I saw:

I gave it a quick glance and was about to move on to other business when I did a classic double-take. "Wait a minute," I said to my wife, "I never did that cartoon!" After a few minutes of recollection and investigation, I realized what had happened. True, I had never sold that drawing with the completely different caption that I originally wrote for it, but I had used the drawing for "Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 37". The caption that The Gayco Tablet printed was Cary Antebi's winning entry. You can see it all right here.

So . . . congratulations are in order once again, Cary Antebi. The Editors liked your caption more than my original caption (no, I'm not at all insulted). As I keep saying, you are indeed one of the funniest people around!


Very proud and pleased to be a partner with Eli on this republished cartoon in a purposeful newsletter. Thanks for letting me know about it, Eli.

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