Winner of Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 34

"Unfortunately, at this point, he can only speak Goo-Goo and Ga-Ga."

(Tom Nelson)


My original caption: "Does he speak? As a matter of fact, he said his very first word today -- 'Da-Da'."


So congratulations, Tom Nelson, you are now officially a member of that very elite group -- one of the funniest people around!

Hmmmm. Ga-Ga or Da-Da? Which works better? Yes, the winning caption is strikingly close to my original one, but after carefully analyzing each entry, I honestly felt that Tom Nelson's caption was the funniest of the lot.

Other captions that I was considering for top honors:

"He's only two weeks old but he can already say 'Squawk' in 30 languages." (by Cary Antebi)

"Yes, Polly, I think he can speak." (by Newbower). I liked the switch of the store owner talking to the parrot, rather than to the customer.

"He's in the pre-verbal phase." (by Sharon)

Good work, everybody. The next contest will be up before you can say "Polly want a quacker".

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