Winner of Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 20

captioncontest201.jpg "My daughter will be right down . . . as soon as she puts on her glockenspiel." (by Cary Antebi)

My original caption: "My daughter tells me you're a musician of some sort."

Congratulations again, Cary Antebi -- this is your sixth win, so you are definitely one of the funniest people around.

The use of that "funny" word, glockenspiel, was inspired. For me, it's what gave that caption the winning edge (it's not only a funny word, but the thought of someone putting one on is also a funny image).

Some of the other captions I was considering for top prize:

"Have you considered strumming a guitar under her window instead?" (by Kelasher -- a very strong second-place finisher), "So, you joined a High School marching band . . . tell me, in what State did you plan to do your practice sessions????" (by Dom Mancino) and "You can go to my daughter's room now . . . just make sure I don't hear that drum stop beating." (another one by Cary Antebi).

New contest will be up shortly -- keep up the good work!

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