Tom Wesselmann Art in The New Yorker (again)

Several times in this archive I have written about my friend, artist (and cartoonist) Tom Wesselmann.

Tom died unexpectedly in 2004, culminating a lengthly career as one of America's original "Pop" artists. For almost his entire life, Tom's not-so-secret dream was to see his gag cartoons published in The New Yorker. It was not to be. However, as I've noted here before, The New Yorker has often published his Pop-Art images in its pages. The latest example is on page 6 of the current issue, dated October 18, 2010.

This is the image: tom-nyorker101810.jpg Tom is not credited. The New Yorker caption for the image is: "Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen," at MOMA. Photograph by Martine Fougeron.

Who is the gentleman strolling past Tom's collage? I have no idea.

The collage, by the way, is "Still Life #30", and it dates from 1963. It is in the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

Here are some links to more of my reminiscences of Tom Wesselmann:

Tom Wesselmann painting reproduced in The New Yorker

'We All Have To Start Somewhere' Department. Case in Point No. 6

Living Cartoon -- 1954

Me and Tom

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