Winner of Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 11

Here's the winner: captioncontest11.jpg "I thought these prices were terribly high, but then I realized they were the calorie counts." (by Frank)

My original caption:"Do you have any light-colored food?"

Congratulations, Frank, you're now officially one of the funniest people around!

Obviously, in my own caption, I was concentrating on the darkness of the restaurant. Most of you, including Frank, didn't see that aspect of the drawing, and just considered it a normal "restaurant" situation. Mea culpa -- I should have made the drawing much, much darker, so that there was no doubt as to the intended slant. My only excuse is that I did the drawing several decades ago.

At least John Platt and Paul, in their captions, caught on to the darkness factor.

Everyone else, please don't despair -- new contest coming up soon.


This was a tough one!

I agree, John. I'm already looking for an "easier" drawing for the next contest.

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