Winner of Eli's Cartoon Caption Contest No. 7

So many great captions, so difficult to choose just one. Here it is:


"So, am I kwazy?"

Congratulations, Kelasher! You're the funniest person around -- for the third time!

My original caption: "Exactly where did you get your degree?"

As I said, I considered my original caption (from about 35 years ago) to be pretty lame. But while you were all thinking up your captions, I played along and came up with these two new captions that I definitely consider prize-worthy:

1) "Tell me more about the Esperanto School of Medicine."

2) "Oh . . . I didn't realize you were home-schooled."

I know I can't declare myself the winner, but I really like both of them. What do you think?

So many great captions, but only one could win. Sorry it couldn't be yours.

Don't despair -- new contest will be up in a few weeks.

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