The Twilight Zone Magazine, April 1988


The Old Camel Trail
An unused road leads down into Makkah. In the distant past, it was the main trail for camels and pilgrims under the sun. Now, only the wind and the heat remain.
Now it calls to me at noon: come to prayer. But men in the city say: forbidden! Where Khadijah found love, loved and was loved, her religious family is outlawed.
Is it to Al-Lah that men now submit? Perhaps in dust and blowing sand, hearing has not followed the straight way as the road, it winds down, lonely, hot and quite lifeless.

Haha! This is great! Ya know, Twilight Zone was one of my favorite magazines when I was in my teens. It's a crying shame that the publication is now defunct! By the way, haven't I seen your work in The New Yorker?

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