Cartooning memorabilia

I found another tearsheet from an old magazine in my files, with photos of these three cartoonists. Don't know what magazine it was, but I suspect it was an art or literary publication from the 50's (maybe like today's "Writer's Digest").

Below each photo I've typed in the captions exactly as they appeared. Now, I don't know of a cartoonist named "Barney Tobin", and I suspect that was a typo for "Barney Tobey". Does anyone recognize him or the cartoon he's working on?

If I'm mistaken and there really is a cartoonist named Barney Tobin, my sincerest apologies. Rube Goldberg photo.JPG Caption: "The craziest inventions of them all, courtesy -- lo, these many years -- of veteran Rube Goldberg." whitney darrow photo.JPG Caption: " 'I dreamt I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air . . . without my Maiden-form Bra.' Not the caption for one of Whitney Darrow's famous cartoons, but for the subtle, delicate drawing behind his head." barney tobey photo.JPG Caption: "Drawingboard, paper, pen, sneakers, checked sportshirt -- the paraphrenelia of the successful cartoonist, as becomingly modeled by Barney Tobin." [Barney Tobey??]


Love that photo of Darrow drawing in a coat and tie. Eli, thanks for sharing these. I hope someone with more knowledge than me can resolve the Tobey/Tobin query. I have a Tobey book on the shelf, and never heard of a "Tobin."
And, yeah, I'd like to know what cartoon it is he's drawing as well!

Mystery solved. I looked up Barney Tobey on CartoonBank and found the cartoon in question. It appeared in the New Yorker on November 27, 1954. Description: Policemen in a helicopter pointing their guns at a large cloud. Caption: "We know you're in there, Blackie. C'mon out or we'll come and get you."
And I guess it's safe to assume that my tearsheet dates from 1954.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Sherlock Stein! Thanks, Eli!

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