Beggars, Bums & Doomsayers

Highlights for Children, 1985

Parts Pups, 1989

Dartnell, 1996

Insurance Sales, 1982

Dartnell, 1997

Sun Magazine, March 11, 1997

Bought and Paid For, But Never Published. National Business Employment Weekly, 1999


There's really no mystery as to why this cartoon was never published by National Business Employment Weekly. It was bought and paid for in July 1999, just a few months before Dow Jones, the parent company, decided to cease publication. During its lifetime, NBEW published over a hundred of my cartoons. The Editor very kindly returned my original drawing to me.

Selling Power, March 1998

Medical Economics, April 27, 1998

Management Accounting, September 1996


Gee, I hope nobody asks me what derivative trading is all about. I didn't know 14 years ago, when this cartoon appeared, and I still don't know.


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