Law Practice Management, October 1992

Florida Bar News, February 1, 1999


Another one of my personal favorite gags. Lucky for me that the title of Emile Zola's famous treatise ("J'accuse") happened to be seven letters long, just the same as the number of digits in a telephone number.

Florida Bar News, December 1, 1998


(As I keep reminding you, "billings" are very important to attorneys.)

The National Law Journal, December 28, 1999


Ah, yes, the bar examiner -- that old nemesis of all lawyers.

Florida Bar News, January 1, 1999

The Wall Street Journal, March 19, 1999


Here's another gag, published ten years ago, that would be timely and appropriate today. For two more election-oriented gags of mine, both published in 1982 and both with almost identical drawings, check out here and here.

Review of the News, December 21, 1983

Florida Bar News, June 15, 1999

Florida Bar News, April 1, 1999


This was published ten years ago. I don't know if there was a website at that time, but there sure is one now.

Florida Bar News, June 15, 1999


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